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East Water Gate

A Glimpse of East Water Gate

East Water Gate – Introduction

East Water Gate is located at the eastern part of Chongqing City. The gate used to be prosperous because most of the local people would pass through this gate who wanted go to the south bank of Yangtze River. Peddlers and retailers used to come here to do business. Local people used to gather here to have rest and chat with each other. It is an important part of local people's daily life.

East Water Gate – History

East Water Gate is the east city gate of ancient Chongqing City, which was built in Ming Dynasty. Although its name is East Water Gate, it does not face to east. It faces to north. And it is also one of the 2 ancient city gates left in Chongqing. Towers built on the gate have been ruined. The gate is 3.1 meter wide, 4.5 meter high and 6.6 meters thick. The gate used to be the only pass for Chongqing people to the south bank of Yangtze River. Business was flourishing here in old days. Famous Huguang Guild Hall is near to East Water Gate. Standing on the steps of East Water Gate, you will feel like living in the old days of Chongqing. And this gate witnesses the history of Chongqing development.

East Water Gate – Present Days

At present, the old East Water Gate has changed a lot. Only the ancient walls of the gate remain the same as old days. The old wooded houses are replaced by the new buildings with black tiles and white walls. It is hard for you to imagine the narrow and shabby steps of the old gate. Nowadays, East Water Gate has become a famous tourist site which attracts more and more visitors to come here.