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Three Gorges

Travel along Yangtze River, you will find many kinds of Yangtze Cruise such as Yangtze Victoria Cruise, President Yangtze Cruise, New Century Yangtze Cruise. But only 5-star kind of Yangtze Cruise can accept foreigners.

The destinations of Yangtze Cruise are almost same but still a little difference. For example, only Yangtze Prince Victoria Cruise can sail between Shanghai Municipality and Chongqing Municipality. Imperial princess Yangtze Cruise is the only one cruising between Wuhan City and Chongqing Municipality.

Three Gorges Cruise – Yangtze Victoria Cruise

1. The largest five-star fleet on the Yangtze River

2. The only American cruise line on the Yangtze River

3. All Victoria Ships awarded five stars by the China National Tourism Administration

4. Yangtze Victoria Cruises is the only American cruise line currently sailing China's Yangtze River. They proudly offer departures year round with international multi-lingual cruise directors.

Three Gorges Cruise – New Century Yangtze Cruise

1. New Century Cruise is the only one ship that owns transparent lobby with nonstop elevator.

2. New Century Cruise is the only one ship that designed by Europe professional shipbuilder.

3. All of the guest rooms are allocated the standard bed clothes and bathroom accessories.

4. New Century Cruise offers buffet dinners for breakfast, lunch and supper with different kinds of food.

Three Gorges Cruise – President Yangtze Cruise

President Flagship is series of an over five-star standard cruise. It can accept 374 people. President Flagship was firstly started working in 2011. There are 151 standard rooms, 32 Deluxe Business Rooms and 2 Deluxe Suites and 2 President Suites.

Three Gorges Cruise – Three Kingdoms Yangtze Cruise

Three Kingdoms Yangtze Cruise is the 4-strar standard shipping on Yangtze River. It is designed based on the Chinese traditional construction style with modern facilities.

In Chinese ancient history, there are many times of chaos during Three Kingdoms period. Many kingdoms initiated wars to unify other little states. Three Kingdoms Yangtze Cruise restores the splendid scene on the construction style.

Three Kingdoms Yangtze Cruise is shaped in warship of Chinese ancient times such as gate tower, battle flag, dangerous rocks, simple and cruse guest room, Chinese ancient musical instrument.

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