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Shibao Village

Shibao Village

Shibao Village – Brief Introduction

Shibao Village is a State Protected Historic Site and 4-A level tourist scenery spot. Shibao Village is 45 meters away from the downtown of Zhongxian Country of Chongqing Municipality. It faces Yangtze River of more than 33 meters high. There are many steep cliffs surrounding around, which one of the rocks is said to be the colorful rock belong to a goddess of Chinese mythology. When the goddess repairs the heaven, she left the rock in the world. Because the rock shapes like a jade seal, Shibao Village is also named "Mt. Jade Seal".

During the time of Ming Dynasty, one of the heroes occupied the Village as the revolutionary base, thus we called it Shibao Village.

Shibao Village – Legend

Known as the unique architecture and numbers of interesting legends, Shibao Village is praised as one of the eight fantastic buildings of the world. Since it has been opened to public in 1979, Shibao Village is praised as the pearl in the Yangtze River in home and abroad.

Shibao Village actually is an isolated peak with sharp rocks surrounded. During the time of Qing Dynasty, a clever craftsman built a temple at the top of the Shibao Village with the iron chain. And later a tower within 9 floors has been built. People could climb to the top with the tower. In 1956, the tower has been added 3 floors, thus it has been named "Little Penglai". (Penglai is a fabled place of Chinese mythology)

Shibao Village – Architecture

The tower of Shibao Village is built against the mountains with unique facade. It was totally made of wood. Consists of the tower gate, tower body and attic, the tower of Shibao Village is 56 meters in high with 12 floors.

The Tower of Shibao Village was constructed in Ming Dynasty firstly and then consummated in Qing Dynasty. There was originally built in 9 floors, which means "9 floors in heaven" in Chinese history. The other three floors were built in 1956.

The gate of the tower of Shibao Village is totally made of brick and stone with more than 6 m in high. There are many embossments related to Chinese ancient legends. They are picturesque and exquisite.

We have to go through the fly-attic from the gate of tower to the top. It was linked by a twists and turns of stairs with more than 50 meters in high. There are some stone inscriptions, portraits and inscribed poems in each cliff. Tourists can have an overlook at Yangtze River in each floor.

At the top of the tower, there is a stone piazza with an area of 1200 square meters. Its elevation is 230 meters. When you stand in the square, you will feel the wide of the heaven and the earth. There is a huge mural telling the story of the goddess. In addition, a stone under the mural looks like the shape of Shibao Village.

In the rear part of the tower, there is a stone hole, which is said the stone hole could outflow some rice everyday. After that, the monks of the temple wanted some more rice, thus they hardly excavated bigger of the stone hole. But there is none of rice flew out.

In addition, there are three groups of statues of the heroes telling the stories of Chinese ancient history.