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Motuo County

Motuo County

Motuo County – A Brief Introduction

Motuo County is located in the Nyingchi area of southeastern Tibet, on the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River and on the southern foot of the Himalaya Mountain, covering an area of 34,000 square meters. Its agricultural acreage is 20,000 mu (1 mu=666.67 squre meters) and its area of woods is about 32 million mu. The main residences here are Monpa people and Lhoba people. The main reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River is in this county. Motuo County is the lowest place of Tibetan plateau, with the most favorable surroundings. It is also the best place of Tibet with the mildest climate, the richest rainfalls and the most well-preserved ecological system, thus becoming a best resort on your Tibet tour.

Motuo County – Origin of its Name

In Tibetan, the word "Motuo" means hidden and mysterious lotus. In Tibetan Buddhism, lotus is a symbol of auspiciousness. Therefore, Tibetans hold the view that the Motuo County is one of the most mysterious places of Tibet.

It is said that the whole landform of Motuo County resembles a picture of a lying goddess Duoji Pamu, thus people believe that here is a incarnation of the goddess Duoji Pamu. Legend also goes that in the 9th century, Master Padmasambhava was invited to Tibet. He arrived here and saw a lotus. Then he made up his mind to cultivate himself and spread Buddhism here, and named it as Pema Koe which meant a holy land of lotus.

Motuo County – Natural Resources

Motuo County is praised as the "Natural Museum of Vegetations". It is covered with multiple vegetations and a complex vegetation structure. The vegetations here range from the alpine frigid plants to the tropical plants, together with many primitive forests, evergreen broad-leaved forest, mixed coniferous broad leaved forest and so on. Here also grow camphorwoods, hophornbeams, Taxus chinensis and many other key national precious plants.

Motuo County is abundant in rich animal and plants resources. In the nature reserves of Motuo County, there are more than 3,000 kinds of higher plants and 42 key national protective wild animals, such as the Bengal tiger, antelope and so on.

There are also thousands of insect species in Motuo County. With a typical biodiversity, Motuo County is called "Xishuangbanna of Tibet".

Motuo County – Attractions

Mountains and water can both be found in Motuo County. Waterfalls are particularly charming in Motuo County. Hanmi Waterfall has altogether three layers with a head drop of 400 meters, and thus is also called "Sandie (three layers) Spirng". Tiger Mouth Waterfall falls down suddenly and turbulently like a Milky Way and is abruptly intercepted by a steep stone. And then millions of crystal droplets splatter like millions of pearls and then drop into the abyss, producing loud sounds like a beast's roaring. There are also many other waterfalls which deserve your watching and enjoying on your Tibet tour.