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Geleshan Forest Park

geleshan Forest Park

Geleshan Forest Park lies in the Shapingba District, 16 kilometers away from the central Chongqing. It is called the "Emerald of Mountain City-Chongqing" and the "Natural Oxygen Bar" characterized by the fresh and tranquil, primitive and unsophisticated mountains, water, forests, springs, caves, clouds and mists. Geleshan Forest Park was listed as a national AAAA scenic area in 2002 and was adopted as a national forest in 2003.

Importance of Geleshan Mountain

Geleshan Mountain obtained its name for that once Dayu invited many guests here to sing and dance on the mountain in order to celebrate the success of controlling the floods. In Chinese, "Gele" means to sing and dance. Numerous historical scenic spots and legends endow the Geleshan Mountain with anima. Dozens of precious trees for example the living fossil of metasequoia, and dozens of majestic natural landscapes make Geleshan Mountain a scenery resort. Hongyan culture, Peidu (the second capital in the Anti-Fascist War) culture, Bayu culture and religious culture are all gathered here.

Attractions of Geleshan Forest Park

Geleshan Forest Park has many different styles of natural scenic spots and sports projects. Here you can enjoy a special experience.

Sightseeing Platform of Shizishan Peak

Shizishan Peak has always been the perfect resort for the overlooking Geleshan Mountain and for listening to the spirit sound of Geleshan Mountain. Standing on the platform, the famous cultural districts of Mountain City and the splendid view of Jialing River can all be seen. Fresh breeze blowing, you can hear the soughing sound of the pines like the sound of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument. When the strong breeze blows, you may hear the sound like turbulent waves pound on the banks. This is called "Gelelingyin (spirit sound of Geleshan Mountain)"-one of the "Bayu 12 Sceneries".

Rock Climbing of Geleshan Forest Park

Rock climbing is one of the latest sports activities to challenge the limits and surpass oneself. It is called the "Ballet on the Cliffs". There are altogether 12 ways for rock climbing with various degrees of difficulty in Geleshan Forest Park and it is the biggest outdoor field for rock climbing.

Labyrinth Expedition in the Air

Labyrinth expedition in the air of Geleshan Forest Park is the only one in Chongqing. The plank road in the labyrinth is totally 300 meters long with 13 passes. The whole journey is rolling and winding. Being in the labyrinth, you will feel that you are shuffling in the forest. In search of the paths, you have to overcome many difficulties, challenge yourself and surpass yourself, thus obtaining a pure happiness.

Fairyland of Geleshan Forest Park

There is a fairyland in the Geleshan Forest Park. Entering this fairy world, you can watch and listen to the famous fairy tales and stories at home and from abroad. By anticipating and performing fairy tales of yourself, you can have an experience of your childhood and enjoy the happiness of children.