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Scenic Spots of Hongyadong

Sceneries of Hongyadong

Hongyadong is located in Yuzhong District of Chongqing with a long history. It is very popular with foreigners. Hongyadong with over 10 floors is an attractive classical building. It encompasses international restaurants, shops and hotels. Visitors can find excellent views of western and Chinese styled restaurants. Also there are many small shops selling traditional local crafts and food. In Hongyadong also locatets a theatre which regularly showcases live dramas and performances.

Scenic Spots of Hongyadong - Ground Floor

On the ground floor of Hongyadong lies the Haochi (delicious) Street. Haochi Street of Hongyadong is close to the Jialing River. Its goal is to become the first bazaar solely devoted to famous Chinese snacks. More than 300 snacks will be offered. The snacks are wholesome for they cannot enter the street without being accredited by the local government.

Scenic Spots of Hongyadong - 1st Floor and 2nd Floor

From the first floor to the second floor of Hongyadong is the Zhiyanhe Coastal Bar Street, which covers an area of over 15,000 square meters. On June 18th, the Pirate Bar, which is said to be the largest in America, is open to the public. The Pirate Bar covers an area of 1,800 square meters.

Scenic Spots of Hongyadong - 3rd Floor

On the 3rd floor of Hongyadong is the Tianchengxiang Baye Gongfang Street. Chongqing's Antique Market is similar to Colour glaze Plant in Beijing. Tianchengxiang Baye Gongfang Street also offers prints from Qijiang, paper cuttings from Liangping as well as other cultural crafts from China. There are many shops displaying rare calligraphy and art collections, craft exhibitions, colorful glass products as well as auctions.

Scenic Spots of Hongyadong - 4th Floor

On the 4th floor of Hongyadong is the Tiancheng Romantic Folk Cuisine Street and the Bayu Theater. Twenty meters above the ground, the 4th floor of Hongyadong is the most interesting street in China. The Taiwanese Hongzhu Wedding Hall holds banquets and offers 56 different wedding customs of different people. The "Hongding Meirenmei Hot Pot" offers different styles of hot pots based on 8 Chinese dishes. Covering an area of over 4,000 square meters, the Bayu Theater is with 800 seats. Possessing the latest design and technology, it is equipped with advanced acoustic apparatus, including 8.1 tracks, a rarity in China. One laser light in the Bayu Theater is worth over 1.8 million RMB.

Scenic Spots of Hongyadong - 5th Floor to 8th Floor

From the 5th floor to the 8th floor is the Hongyadong Cuisine City. It is said that there are the most luxurious food in this Hongyadong Cuisine City and the top food names from all over the country can be found here. Quanjude has rented 3,000 square meters to offer all of Beijing's specialties to Chongqing people. The four-star Longmen Hotel can also be found here.

Scenic Spots of Hongyadong - 9th Floor and 10th Floor

From the 9th floor to the 10th floor of Hongyadong locates the Exotic Apparel Street. Beautiful clothes in the street attract beautiful women. "Xinguang Apparel" has already been open to the public, offering more than 200,000 items. There are also top international salons and home furnishing shops.

Scenic Spots of Hongyadong - 11th Floor

On the 11th floor of Hongyadong is the City Veranda which conserves several historic sites of Hongyadong. The Diaojiaolou Restaurant in Hongyadong stores some of those historic sites. The large city sculpture, "Mountain City Memory" can be found there. The sculpture incorporates the character "shan" (mountain) in ancient script, and put the hillside stilted houses together into the mountain with the fusion of arts and skills.