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Scenic Spots in Fishing City

Suspending Reclining Buddha

Fishing City lies on the Fishing Mountain which is 5 kilometers off the east of Hechuan City. The mountain is steep and towering with the height of about 300 meters. The ancient battle field relic of Fishing City War is still in good condition. In 1982, Fishing City was adopted as the state-level scenic area.

Scenic Spots in Fishing City - Fishing Platform

Fishing Platform is a huge flat stone. It is the famous ancient relic of Bashu. According to the legend, heavy flood in the three rivers - Jialing River, Fu River and Qu River occurred. People rushed to climb up the mountain to escape. When they were driven by the flood and famine, a god who held a fishing pole came down from the heaven and fished for the hungry people. Then people survived. From then on, the platform on which that god once stood was called Fishing Platform.

Scenic Spots in Fishing City - Ancient Barracks

The present parking lot in Fishing City is the former shooting gallery. Beside the southeast of the shooting gallery is the ancient barracks mountainvilla. Inside the mountainvilla, there are several ancient barracks. The ancient barracks was once the station for the defending troops of Fishing City. The ancient barracks were at the excellent place with roads extending in all directions so that the troops could strike quickly.

Scenic Spots in Fishing City - Huguo Gate

"Huguo" means to protect the country. Huguo Gate is the most majestic pass among the eight gates of Fishing City. It is located on the second defensive line at the south of the city. To its left there are steep cliffs and to its right there is Jialing River. "Huguo Gate" and "Key of Shu" were inscripted on the gate. It was the crucial pass that held the transportation of the city. Huguo Gate witnessed hundreds of fierce battles between Song Dynasty and Mongolia. Surprisingly, the gate had never been conquered.

Scenic Spots in Fishing City - Shangtianti and Jiukouguo

"Shangtianti" means a ladder leading to the sky. It is a plank road which was built on the cliff by the people of Fishing City in late South Song Dynasty. Under the ladder is a execution ground. According to the record, leader of Mongolia troops-Mongol Great Khan was killed on this execution ground in 1259.

Climbing up on the ladder, you can see a broad platform with some pits in pot shape on it. These pits are called Jiukouguo. They were the place where the Fishing City defenders milled nitre, sulphur and wood charcoal and made gunpower. Jiukouguo is the earliest relic of arsenal in China.

Scenic Spots in Fishing City - Fishing City Museum

The present Fishing City Museum was once the Huguo Temple. The museum was themed on the 36-year war in Fishing City and represented the historical events, scenes of ancestors' daily life, famous calligraphy and painting and the ancient weapons in an illustrated form. Besides, the museum also shows the statues of 12 main figures of the Fishing City War.

Scenic Spots in Fishing City - Loyalty Shrine

Loyalty Shrine was built during the period of Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is the important ancient architectural complex in Fishing City, covering an area of 4,000 square meters among which 2,000 square meters are architectures. Inside the Loyalty Shrine, plaque "Zhongyiqianqiu (Loyalty Forever)" faced the door. You can pay a formal visit to the memorial tablets of the key historical figures such as Yu Jie, Ran Jin, Ran Pu, Wang Jian, Zhang Yu and so on.

Scenic Spots in Fishing City - Suspending Reclining Buddha

The Suspending Reclining Buddha in Fishing City is the unique Suspending Reclining Buddha in China. It was carved in late Tang Dynasty according to the suspending cliff. The Reclining Buddha is 11 tall with 2.2-broad shoulders. The Buddha looks dignified and kindly. It survived the 36 years war and is still in good condition. Under the feet of the Buddha is a well which seeps out of the cliff crevice. During the 36 years war, the well was the source of life.