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Drifting of Jiuwan Stream

Exiting Drifting of Jiuwan Stream

Drifting of Jiuwan Stream – Brief Introduction

Jiuwan Stream is near to Xiling Gorge, 20 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam. The little stream slowly pours into Yangtze River. The water of Jiuwan Stream distinguishes from Yangtze River visibly. There are 32 splashed shoals and 28 deep pools along the 8-kilometers-long remote canyon. Playing in such shoals, you will experience the true challenge of your life. Curveting in such deep pools, you will refresh the exhausted body and mind in the hot summer.

Drifting of Jiuwan Stream – Breathtaking Adventure

Drigting of Jiuwan Stream is really a breathtaking experience. After receiving and dressing the life jacket, the kneecap and the headpiece, every tourist will take a light boat and a wooden oar, then start to drift.

At first, since the wide stream course and slow current, you will enjoy the scenery while boating leisurely. You can play with the water gun and bamboo pot. Soon, the stream will become narrow and current will become urgent, so the little boat will float rapidly. The boat suddenly overturns. And the tourists on it will come up from the water with pale look and seeking-help sight. It is all because of the thrilling drift.

Gradually, the distance between the boats is enlarged. The turbulent current and rapids continuously test tourists' courage and wisdom. In spite of infinite scenery hidden in the high mountains both sides, people have no time to look around the sight so much as the legendary native place of Zhaojun. The boat is up and down in the turbulent current, like a piece of leaf in the cyclone, nearly out of control. What you see is the rapid stream and what you hear is the sound of current, and you can also hear men's shout and women's scream. You can imagine how exciting it is to drift in Jiuwan Stream.