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History of Dachang Ancient Town

Street of Dachang Ancient Town

Geographical History of Dachang Ancient Town

Dachang Ancient Town is located in the hinderland of Three Gorges. In ancient history, Daning River and Yangxi River flew into a whole here. The two rivers influxed and water flow grew greater. The huge current of water scoured the soil ahead. As the speed of water flow decreased, the fertile soil silted, forming the flourished land which is fit for planting paddies and could produce abundant rice. It was the very promising land that gave birth to the glorious history of Dachang Ancient Town.

Resident History of Dachang Ancient Town

As far back as 1700 years ago, the forefathers of Dachang Ancient Town began to build houses to live here. They planted rice from generation to generation, going to paddies with the sunrise and returning home with the sunset. The area of ancient constructions is more or less ten hectares with T-shaped streets connecting three gates in the east, west and south respectively. Dachang Ancient Town is a pocket-sized town. Its east-west-running street is only 350 meters long and the south-north-running street is just 200 meters long. The ancestors of Dachang constructed their houses with bricks and wood. And usually their houses are quadrangle courtyards with carved beams and painted rafters, cornices and turned-up edges, presenting its elegant style.

Major Historical Events of Dachang Ancient Town

Since the upper reach of Daning River is linked to Yangtze River and its lower reach is connected to Zhenping in Shaanxi province and Zhuxi in Hubei Province, that is, both the water and land traffic are very convenient, Dachang Ancient Town was always the strategic "throat" in history.

In Spring and Autumn Period, the warfare between Chu, Kui and Bashu happened here.

In the year of A.D222 during the Three Kingdoms Period, Yiling War between Liubei and Sunquan took place in Dachang Ancient Town.

In 280 A.D. of the Western Jin Dynasty, government established county here.

In 1640 of Ming Dynasty, Zhang Xianzhong and Luo Rucai leaded the 8000-membered peasants uprising army beated tens of thousands Ming troops, which was due to the advantages of Dachang terrain.

In the early years of Qing Dynasty, the residual forces of Li Zicheng-leader of peasant's revolt army in late Ming Dynasty occupied Dachang Ancient Town and defended against the Qing government for over ten years.

In 1926, Xie Zongde uprised, leading other peasants of Bashuping. They held Dachang Town for four years.

In 1932, General Helong together with the Red Army passed Dachang Ancient Town. They fighted the local tyrants and distributed land to the peasants and helped the peasants a lot.