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Seasonal Beauty of Black Valley

Plank Road of Black Valley

Seasonal Beauty of Black Valley - Spring

The valley is full of spring and all the roads are filled with flowers. Passing through the deep canyon, you may find the spring of Black Valley extremely marvelous, with grass and colorful flowers in clusters or piles furnishing the seas of forest. The red ones are like morning clouds while the pink ones are like rouge. Traveling in the valley, you will be fascinated by the beautiful scenery, feeling that you have been a fantasy wonderland.

Peaks over peaks, and views after views. Every step you take, different views will come into your sight. Traveling through the Black Valley, over 200 wonderful and impressive sights, such as Heishan Buddha, Yelang Gongzhu Peak, Jade Statue of Guanyin and Jiuqu Painted Screens and so on, will make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to leave. Floating bridge, distributed at many places of the canyon, is a very interesting touring item in the scenic area. Passing the valley by means of walking through the swaying floating bridge, with the rushing current below the bridge and pine waves above the bridge, you can experience the pleasure of traversing vast seas of forest and walking on the green waves.

Seasonal Beauty of Black Valley - Summer

Black Valley in summer, with lush vegetation and cool weather, is the best summer resort.

The valley is dozens li (1 li = 500 meters) long and generally about 100 feet wide, yet the narrowest site is less than 10 feet. And the Black Valley stretches its way with plank roads, suspension bridges and floating bridges. Suspension bridge was one of the most characteristic means of transportation in ancient China, and there are many suspension bridges hanging in the valley. Walking on the bridge, it lurches heavily without your intentional sway, which brings you a lot of fun. On the other hand, countless floating bridges are linked together, hanging in the south of the valley, which is similar to the Serial Warships in the ancient Chibi Battle.

Since the very essence of Black Valley are the plank roads and floating bridges, and in summer, the water flow of the stream in the valley is the largest, most turbulent and coolest, you can go drifting of the stream. Therefore, Black Valley in summer is the most exciting place to visit.