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Teahouses at Ciqikou

A Teahouse at Ciqikou

Ciqikou is also called "Small Chongqing", located on the bank of Jialing River. Legend says that Jianwen Emperor of Ming Dynasty escaped here after his throne was usurped by his uncle. So, it is called Longyin Town (Dragon Hidden Town).

Walking on the street of Ciqikou, you will see a lot of old buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties. Ciqikou used to be a prosperous port in ancient times of China. Now, Ciqikou is also flourishing. Shops and peddlers gathered here.

However, one of the most characteristic sceneries is the teahouses at Ciqikou. It is said that during wartime capital period, there were about several hundreds of teahouses at Ciqikou. It is comfortable for you to have a cup of Chinese tea, watch Sichuan Opera and chat with local people. Some teahouses also sell Chinese calligraphy and painting. Till now, the teahouse culture is also prosperous at Ciqikou. There are 13 teahouses on the old street of Ciqikou which extends only 100 meters. Every teahouse is busy. People gather here to taste Chinese tea and watch Sichuan Opera.

Passing through the ancient memorial arch and going down the stairway near Jialing River, you will see a lot of teahouses opened on wooded ships. Poker, Majong and Chinese Chess are provided for free to visitors on the ships. Sitting around the table on the ships and drinking tea, you will have different experience here.