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Wushan County

Night Scene of Wushan County

Wushan County – One Port during Yangtze Cruise

Wushan County, located at the western entrance to the Wuxia Gorge in the Three Goeges region in China. It occupies roughly 2,958 square kilometers and has a population of about 600,000. And it is an important port during Yangtze Cruise. It is also noted for Lesser Three Gorges located on Daning River.

The Wushan county seat is on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, which in the Gorges region was flooded after the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. The original town was abandoned and submerged under the rising waters, and the new town constructed on the hills above.

The population of the town is something in excess of 100,000, and the main economic activity in the area is coal mining, almost all from very small mines in the surrounding mountains. Tourism also plays an important role.

Wushan County – Beautiful Scenic Spots

There are many beautiful scenic spots in Wushan County and near to Wushan County, such as Lesser Three Gorges and Dachang Ancient Town.

Lesser Three Gorges of Wushan County

Lesser Three Gorges, located on Daning River, consists of Longmen Gorge (Gorge of Dragon's Gate), Bawu Gorge (Gorge of Ba's Fog) and Dicui Gorge (Gorge of Dripping Verdure). In Lesser Three Gorges, the peaks are very strange and beautiful and the water from the spring in the cliff is swift. As a matter of fact, Lesser Three Gorges is different from the Three Gorges of Yangtze River, and better.

Dachang Ancient Town of Wushan County

Dachang Ancient Town, located 10 kilometers north to the mouth of Dicui Gorge in Wushan County, was built in Jin Dynasty. It has 1,700 years history and is the best preserved ancient town of Three Gorges Region. The town covers an area of 10 hectares. The east and west avenues are about 350 meters long, the north and south avenues are about 200 meters. It is called a "Mini Ancient Town".

The ancient town of Dachang used to be a county seat, a trade and business center and a strategic point contested by all military commanders. Although the town went through wars, it remains the original customs and traditions.

Wushan County – Cultural Relics

Wushan County boasts rich cultural relics ranging from the famous Daxi Culture Heritage Site dated back to the mid Neolithic Age, to the Dachang Ancient Village with a history of more than 1,700 years. This region has no lack of traces of activities left by the Wushan Man as well as the Sanxia Man (Three Gorges Man), such as the Longgupo Heritage Site, found in Wushan Mountain where proof of using fire was established around 2 million years ago. Wushan Man is also the ancestor of Asian people.

With abundant natural and cultural tourism resources, Wushan County has become a pearl during Yangtze Cruise.