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Baolun Temple

Baolun Temple

Brief Introduction of Baolun Temple

Baolun Temple, also called Baiya Temple, is located at Ciqikou Ancient Town in Chongqing. It faces Jialing River and is built against Baiya Mountain. It is also called Longyin Temple (Hidden Dragon Temple) because Jianwen Emperor of Ming Dynasty used to hide here.

History of Baolun Temple

According to historical record, Baolun Temple was built in Tang Dynasty and renovated in Song Dynasty. It has a long history of 1,000 years, but well preserved. The building complex of Baolun Temple is resplendid and magnificent. Legend says that the throne of Emperor Jianwen, who was the grandson of the first emperor of Ming Dynasty, was usurped by his uncle. He escaped and became a monk. And he hid himself in Baolun Temple from his uncle's assassins. That's why local people of Ciqikou called it Hidden Dragon Temple.

Architecture of Baolun Temple

The hall of ceremony of Baolun Temple was built in Ming Dynasty. The most impressive part of the hall of ceremony is the 2 huge pillars in the hall. The hall of ceremony was constructed without any iron nail. The entire building was built in wooden structure. The draons carved on the pillar is as vivid as real one. There is a well in front of the buddha statue in the hall of ceremony. Someone used to put a duck in the well and found the duck on the bank of Jialing River later. That means the well reaches Jialing River. Thus, Baolun Temple is a gem in the history of Chinese architecture.