Chongqing, one of the four municipalities of China, is located at the southwestern part of China. It is one of the important cities in China and also the economy center of upper reaches of Yangtze River. As the famous historical and cultural city listed by the State Council, it has a long history. With the steep hills and fogs, Chongqing is also called Foggy City or Mountain City.

The Youngest Municipality of China

Chongqing has become the fourth municipality of China in 1997 after Beijing, Tianjing and Shanghai. And it is the biggest municipality in China. After becoming the municipality, Chongqing is developing fast full of passion and energy.

Two Rivers-Mountain City

Chongqing, situated at the intersection of Yangtze River and Jialing River, is built close to steep hills and it is the well-konwn Mountain City in China. The roads zigzag under the flyovers which is built across the mountains. The buildings are built row upon row. And this makes Chongqing a solid city and full of sense of levels. As the result, Chongqing looks like a giant standing along Yantze River and Jialing River.

Wartime Capital

During the World War II, Chongqing has become the Wartime Capital of National government. Nine-year history as Wartime Capital makes this western port city become the world famous land mark as London, Washington and Moscow.

Night Scene of Chongqing

There is a saying "You haven't been to Chongqing without seeing night scene of it". The beautiful night scene is the pride of Chongqing people and also the dream of foreign visitors. The night scene of Chongqing is generally acknowledged to be more attractive than Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Hot Pot

Delicious Hot Pot which puts different spicy flavors into one pot is famous throughout China. Although it is called differently at different places in China, Chongqing Hot Pot is the most famous and unique one.

Scenic Spots of Chongqing

There are enormous scenic spots in Chongqing, including natural sceneries and cultural landscapes. More and more Chinese and foreign travelers are attracted to visit Chongqing.

World Heritage-Dazu Grottoes

Dazu Grottoes was inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List by the UNESCO in 1999. There are over 50,000 figure statues and 100, 000 Chinese characters of inscriptions and epigraphs scattered over 75 cliff carvings which are under national relics protection. Dazu Grottoes is equally famous with the Yungang Grotto, the Longmen Grotto and the Duhuang Grotto. It represents a beautiful gem in the treasure trove of grotto arts in China.

Old Town -- Ciqikou

Ciqikou has been famous throughout ancient Chongqing and Sichuan since Ming and Qing Dynasty. The former busy port which is full of eternal local ancient style, has become the epitome and symbol of Chongqing. One of the unique feature of Ciqikou is Many Temples, Many celebrities' traces and Many Teahouses. Maoxuewang, Braised Qianzhang and Stir-fried Peanuts are called the Three Treasures of Ciqikou.

Chongqing People's Grand Hall

Chongqing People's Grand Hall which was built in 1954, is designed in the traditional symmetrical and beautifully-preportioned style of Ming and Qing dynasties' palaces and is also one of the characteristic architectural symbol of Chongqing. It uses the art of western gardens for reference. And it resembles the Temple of Heaven in Beijing to make such a magnificent masterpiece.

People's Liberation Monument

People's Liberation Momument, located the center of Business are in Yuzhong District. It is equiped with complete facilities and infrastructures. It is also the biggest pedestrian street of west China. There is the most famous snack street of Chongqing nearby. Visitors can taste the famous local food and snacks, experience the traditions and customs of Bayu People and buy souvenirs and other stuff.

Chongqing Zoo

Giant panda, lesser panda and south China tiger


Stilted houses, Delicious food and river scenes

Stilwell Museum

Former residence of famous General Stilwell, Historical relic of Wartime Capital

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