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Hotels in Fengdu

Fengdu Post Hotel

Fengdu Post Hotel

There are deluxe suites, standard room with Tibetan style and standard room with Han style, including 120 beds. Prices of the rooms fit for guests of different types. The dining halls of the hotel include dining hall with Han style and dining hall with Tibetan style. The dining hall with Han style is built with Chinese and Western styles and it is graceful and comfortable. The dining hall with Tibetan style features in unique character and vivid Tibetan murals.

The dining halls can hold 380 people. Dishes with different styles are served, such as food in Sichuan, Tibet and so on.

Address: Minshan Avenue, Sanhe Town, Fengdu County

Telephone: 023-70707777

Fengdu Hotel

Fengdu Hotel

It is located at the center of Fengdu county. It faces the national forest park, Shuanggui Mountain and the Ghost World, Mingshan Mountain in the north, and Yangtze River in the south. The hotel is the biggest hotel with complete services in Fengdu.

It covers an area of 7,263 square meters. Three buildings of the hotel stands manificently. The environment of the hotel is servene and quiet. There is a parking lot which can hold over 40 cars.

There are 270 rooms and 469beds, including deluxe suites, standard rooms and single rooms to meet the needs of different guests. The room is equipped with air conditioner, telephone and cable TV.

There is luxurious dining hall to offer delicious food to guests. And there are also multi-function hall, conference center and other entertainment facilities.

Address: 3#, Zhongshan Road, Fengdu County

Telephone: 023-70621666

Fengdu Maotian Hotel

Fengdu Maotian Hotel

It is a hotel which is built with 4 star standard. Different rooms, dining hall and all kinds of entertainment facilities make this hotel an ideal place for business, conference and vacations.

Address: 39#, Minshan Avenue, Sanhe Town, Fengdu County


Fengdu Hongsheng Guibinlou Hotel

Fengdu Hongsheng Guibinliu Hotel

It is the first business conference hotel in Fengdu. It is located at the center of the Fengdu and near to Fengdu Administration Building and Hongsheng Culture Square. It enjoys the sceneries of river, mountain and city.

The european style building of the hotel is magnificent and splendid. It is known as the First Building of Fengdu. It has 169 different rooms where the guests can enjoy beautiful Mingshan Mountain and splendid Yangtze River.

The hotel is equipped with complete facilities. Different conference halls and modern multi-media facilites meet all conference requirements. Besides, the hotel also has teahouse, sauna, shopping center and outdoor swimming pool. All these make your vacation more colorful and comfortable.

Address: 88#, the west part of Fengdu Avenue, Fengdu County

Telephone: 023-70726666