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Fengdu Delicious Food

Fengdu Spicy Chicken

The delicious food in Fengdu emphasizes the spicy flavor. There are many cooking methods, such as stew, stir-fry, fry, steam and so on. Food in Fengdu is famous for spicy flavor, but also fresh and light.

The food in Fengdu are mainly cooked in the methods of steam and stew. The food in Fengdu protect the original flavors of the materials and they are also good for your health. The most characteristic food in Fengdu are as below,

Fengdu Delicious Food - Spicy Chicken

It is the most popular food in Fengdu and also well-known in Chongqing. The cooking method of it is simple. First, put the chicken into water to boil and slice the chicken into small pieces. Then, put spice, gourmet powder, sesame oil, sugar, peper powder and soy into the chicken meat. The chicken looks red and fresh, smells great and tastes delicious.

Fengdu Delicious Food - Wonton

It is one of the Three Wonders of Fengdu. The pastry of the Wonton is as thin as paper and the stuffing is as big as bird egg. And different stuffing matches with different soup, such as seafood soup for beef stuffing and chicken soup for pork stuffing. The wonton is fresh and delicious.

Chicken Foot Soaked in Pickle Capsicum Water

It is also one of the Three Wonders of Fengdu. The most wonderful feature of Chicken Foot Soaked in Pickle Capsicum Water is that the bone of the chicken foot has been removed but the shape of the foot never changes. The chicken foot is soaked in best-quality pickle capsicum water and match with abundant seasonings. This makes its flavor unique and unforgettable.

Fengdu Delicious Food - Mustard Tuber

It is made of radish and matches with salt, spice powder, white peper and other Chinese traditional seasonings. Then, put it into a jar for a long time. The Fengdu Mustard Tuber is the best mate of rice.