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Shopping in Fengdu

Gourd Ladle Painting

Fengdu is not only famous for the Palace of Ghost World and Nether Land, but also for the rich natural resources and characteristic souvenirs. So, visitors can choose their favorite souvenirs as the presents to family members and friends.

Shopping in Fengdu - Gourd Ladle Painting

It is a common art of Fengdu. Local people usually hang up the ladle at home in order to exorcise evils. Ghost faces are painted on the gourd ladles with rich colors and imaginations. The Gourd Ladle Painting is the essence of the ghost culture of Fengdu and also one of the wonders of Chinese trditional art.

Shopping in Fengdu - Leaf Painting

Select proper leaf and remove its mesophyll, then spray natural sceneries, historical figures and ancient buildings onto the leaf texture. The Leaf Painting is unique, light and beautiful. It has become the best choice for presents.

Shopping in Fengdu - Handicrafts Made of Corn Skin

It uses corn skin as materials and threads to weave. The handicraft is good for decoration and can be preserved for a long time. It is valuable in the field of appreciation and collection.

Shopping in Fengdu - Xianjia Fermented Soybean Curd

It is the famous traditional snack of Fengdu with bright colors, exquisite taste and unique flavor. It is the perfect mate of rice.

Shopping in Fengdu - Sanyuan Red Fleshed Pomelo

It is the characteristic product of Sanyuan township of Fengdu. The pomelo is with thin peel and juicy pulp. It is known as one of the Top 10 Pomelo of Chongqing.